Second Citizenship - a path to a better tomorrow

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Date Updated: June 18, 2019

Acquiring a second passport can achieve the peace of mind that you always have another place to turn to. It gives you an escape hatch in times of difficulties. If your country is in a period of instability, you may not be able to travel. 

Then, who will give you insurance, security and a better tomorrow? This question; however, triggers a demand for a second citizenship. And interested people must consult dedicated organizations that can simplify the process and guide them in the right direction.

Savory & Partners is a British family company that sources individuals of the highest calibre and processes second citizenship- by -investment programs and residency solutions for them. It is the first citizenship-by-investment company in the Middle East to be approved by all five Caribbean governments. It also covers countries in Europe, including Portugal, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, and Malta.

"High-net-worth individuals from diverse
nationalities are seeking a second citizenship"

People want to be insured and able to provide a better future for their children, from education and healthcare to career and inheritance. They want to enjoy visa-free travel, knowing that they can do whatever they want tomorrow, benefiting from favourable tax regimes in a world of FATCA and CRS, when acquiring a second passport is a big consideration.

Savory & Partners is a Multi-Government-Approved services provider, guiding potential applicants to obtain citizenship through investment to avail global reach and become global citizens. They provide a quick, legal, second passport in just 3-6 months.

High-net-worth individuals from diverse nationalities are seeking a second citizenship. Savory & Partners has processed passports for clients from South America, Eastern Europe, Russia and South Africa - Madagascar and Mauritius – and the Far East - Malaysia and Japan. Everybody has a different motivation to acquire a second passport. However, the company's headquarters are in Dubai, because many of its clients are Middle East nationals who apply for second passports due to the instability in their home countries.

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When applying for a second citizenship, applicants should be totally transparent in their application process with the government. Proof of the source of funds today is imperative, as well as declaring everything in the application and being truthful. The applicant should also show that he has earned his funds through legitimate means. Then within 3 to 6 months, Savory & Partners can obtain them the second nationality from the seven countries which are the only countries, through which you can obtain the second citizenship within this said time frame. And increasingly the firm is seeing more clients moving towards the European Union, mainly Cyprus and Malta.

"The good news is that the citizenship is transferrable.
It’s a citizenship and not only a passport"

The good news is that the citizenship is transferrable. It’s a citizenship and not a passport. When they issue the passport, they, also issue at the same time, a citizenship certificate. This means it is not a passport that will expire when there are no more pages or when you lose it. It’s a renewable passport and the renewing process will cost its holder a few hundred dollars in the nearest consulate of that country. This citizenship certificate is what will protect you and it’s issued to let you know that you are a citizen of this country.

It means, also, that by law, they cannot revoke the citizenship. This law is part of a legal system in a British Commonwealth or European nation—which are democratically run countries. So, it’s a totally secure citizenship that is not for your lifetime but for your future lifetimes, so whenever you get married and when you get children and your children get married and so on, the citizenship will pass to all the current and new members of your family.

Second Citizenship In 4-6 Months. Apply Today with Government Authorised Agents
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