Arabian Business Magazine: “40 And Under - The Region's Most Influential Young Business Leaders”

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Date Updated: April 16, 2020

Youth drives the future, and in the Middle East these are the 40 and unders who are doing just that, according to Arabian Business.

Unlike in the West, and indeed many other parts of the world, the majority of the population of the Middle East is aged 40 and below. In fact, more than 28 percent are between 15 and 29, representing over 108 million young people. It's a very powerful demographic. Among the millions, there are many thousands doing incredible things to advance this region in business, finance, property, entertainment and culture, which means narrowing it down to just 40 is extremely difficult.

“More than anywhere else on the planet, there is an abundance of opportunity and potential to tap into the Middle East.”

Throughout the following pages, you will find 40 impressive, forward-thinking individuals, aged 40 and under, who are taking full advantage of the unending possibilities in the region. These are the real influencers of the Middle East.

From a list of hundreds of impressive names, the Arabian Business researchers have put their heads together to pool their extensive knowledge on the region and narrow it down to these names. Ultimately, these are the professionals who we firmly believe are pioneers in their various industries, whether that's finance, activism, renewable energies in emerging markets, or even fashion

Jeremy Savory

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Jeremy Savory - CEO and Founder - Savory & Partners
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